You have probably heard of a lot of advice about selling a house in Chilliwack. However, many people don’t understand the value of their real estate, and this is one of the biggest mistakes they make. The truth is it doesn’t matter what you personally think your home is worth because the home’s value is determined by perspective buyers or the market. With that said, if you want to sell a house, then you need to think of what buyers want, and you should keep the tips below in mind, as they can help you out when the time comes to sell your home.

1. Know The Market– Learn about the market. Find out how much other houses sold for in your area. When you come in contact with potential buyers, show them how much other similar homes sold for.

2. Choose A Minimum Price– Choose a minimum price for your house. If you work with an agent, don’t tell them what that minimum amount is. When potential buyers try to haggle with you, don’t go below that amount.

3. Focus On The Things You Can See– Focus on the things you can actually see. For example, get a brand new mailbox for the home. Buyers love seeing good visuals before they even enter the home.

4. Clean The Surrounding Area– Another thing you want to do is make sure the neighbor’s yard is cleaned up. Give their kids some money to clean it up, if it is a mess. Cleaning up the surrounding area makes a good impression on buyers.

5. Figure Out The Problem– Are you not generating enough interest in your property? Figure out what the problem is. Maybe the price is too high or you need to advertise the property more. Figure out what the problem is and then address it and you should start getting better results.

6. Listen To Potential Buyers– Listen to what your prospects say. For example, if you hear about how your kitchen is too dark from numerous prospects, then do something. You can paint the kitchen a lighter color.

7. How Long Are Other Homes Sitting On The Market– There’s a problem is your house sits on the market for too long. Usually its the price that’s the main issue. Find out what other homes are going for in the are and adjust the price accordingly.

8. Ask The Agent What Their Plans Are And Know If There’s Problems– Make sure you ask what your agent plans on doing before you allow them to list your property. Also, are there known problems with your home? This includes things such as an old roof that is damaged, and if there are problems, get an estimate on how much it will cost to correct them.

9. Make Improvements– Make improvements to the home. This can help you sell your home quicker. Also, try to take care of the things people can actually see.

Those are a few things you can do to sell your home in Chilliwack. The above advice should help you out. With that said, implement what you have just learnt, and eventually you will sell your home.


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